It is estimated that you will need approximately  (up to) 152 GB  of storage and use 186 GB  of bandwidth monthly. The best suited plan for you is the Premium Plan.

You have landed on this page because we have explained why you should be broadcasting on ROKU and AMAZON TV (and other apps) – for the huge – and  growing audience of Streaming TV– and discussed options, as well as the opportunity to earn income from advertisements or subscriptions. Here is the place to start the setup of your channels.

Special offer – We set up a completed, start to finish ROKU AND  AMAZON Fire TV  app development and setup. Based on the content you already produce, uploaded to your youtube or vimeo accounts (or, host with us, no extra charge). youtube is preferable if you have a private Vimeo account, their interface can prove more difficult. We can also provide a hosted account area for uploading  the videos outside of either platform, contact us for methods.
This account level is good for 301-500 videos with unlimited views. Pricing: $1,500 one time set up fee plus $49 per month.  (Also available – Apple TV – IOS APP – Android App + Smart TV )

* ROKU + Amazon 
* Update of Channels
* Advertising OR Subscription set up
* Hosting of videos
* You keep the earnings
* Subscription or advert supported channel income choices

  • Free Bonus !!  Live Broadcast 24-7 channel for syndication in partner IPTV streaming TV outlets. (We create a 24hr m3u8 HLS feed)
IS IT EASY TO CANCEL? You betcha. There are no long term commitments. Send us an email and we’ll cancel your channel and billing with no questions asked. **Your channel will be deleted from the system and will no longer function in ROKU or AMAZON.  We may ask you why you are leaving us in case there’s something we can improve. After all, we want to improve our service.
DOES MY VIDEO ALLOWANCE RESET EACH MONTH? At midnight UTC on the last day of the calendar month, your account bandwidth resets to zero and a new month begins.

Terms of Service

**Subject to content approval by  Roku, Amazon. (We have never had an app denied)