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ROKU/Amazon Channel Development

The Roku and Amazon Fire TV sticks are arguably the most influential home entertainment devices created in the last 10 years.  It allows for video producers to break free from the limits of streaming video viewing on a computer.  This was extremely important for Netflix as they introduced their streaming services.  It would not have gained the popularity it needed if families could not watch in their living room using their existing televisions.
There really is very little in the way of a good how-to or simple way without learning Brightsign (ROKU Code) to make your own ROKU or AMAZON TV Channel .
The simple answer is to have us develop the channel or channels for you!.

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Roku Beta Testers

As ROKU beta testers we get to test and help develop the next generation of ROKU operating systems. This is significant for you as we know what ROKU wants and will approve in a channel

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