Wow!  I am so honored and grateful for you downloading my ebook. I hope you found the information useful. If you are an experienced content publisher, or even just starting out, I want to provide you with the most comprehensive information about expanding your broadcast network into the huge viewer space of OTT and cord cutting devices.

I have been in television and broadcasting for over ten years. I have been filming videos and streaming online, live and VOD before there even was a youtube. I have been at the forefront of web browser video playback since 1999. My company helped develop the first web player for MTV  back when you had to use real player, quicktime, or windows media player to launch an online video. My vision then, was that every business would have, or be capable of having their own TV network. So I come from a hands on live it, breathe it background with an eye for tech advances where they appear.

So lets talk about Amazon and ROKU TV  — these are places you can launch your own channel – but even bigger than that, your own network — yes network.   –